This document outlines the best practices PBS’ Sesame Street Workshop has assembled from years of testing on digital media platforms.

According to PBS, the most intuitive interaction gestures for preschoolers are:

  • Tap
  • Draw
  • Swipe
  • Drag
  • Slide

And the least intuitive include:

  • Pinch
  • Tilt/Shake
  • Multi-Touch
  • Flick/Fling
  • Double Tap

I actually don’t think it’s that different than the rest of the population. I’d love to see some apps like Facebook or even Angry Birds mocked up using these principles. Wonder how much easier it would be to use, and whether the experience would be hindered by being so explicit. 

It seems that the biggest difference is patience. Adults will fail more in trying to learn a new behavior (albeit with the same level of frustration) while children will give up much easier. 

But the biggest takeaway that applies to all UX: give the user lots of feedback to help them along the journey.